Term & Conditions

Where to Meet the Driver

The chauffeur will meet you at the baggage claim area with a sign on your name to help you with your luggages which is $10 extra for airport parking, to avoid the extra $10 you can take the elevator by the baggage claim to the LOWER LEVEL where your chauffeur will be waiting for you to be picked up at (LS1 or LS2 South Terminal) – (LN1 or LN2 North Terminal). Your chauffeur will text you once your flight landed to keep in touch with you. We also track the flight to know if it will be arriving earlier or late so you don’t have to worry about flight delay, but you have to notify us if you make any changes on your flight info.

Waiting Time at the Airport and Fees

Clients should turn on their cell phones upon flight landing. The chauffeur will wait up to15 minutes after the flight has landed for Domestic Arrivals and up to 20 minutes for International Arrivals after the flight has landed. Afterwards the chauffuer will text you. The chauffeurs will monitor the flights for any delays or early arrivals and only flights that are showing in the system delays will be accepted for timing purposes. For airport pickups, an additional $10 airport parking fee will be charged. Gratuity of 20% will be added to all reservations automatically. For online reservations or verbal agreement to prepay a pickup over the phone, 20% gratuity will be added to the charge unless specified otherwise by the customer.

Waiting Time at Home

Charges will be made 15 minutes past the scheduled time when picking up from home. After 30 minutes, if the driver has another reservation after the customer the driver will leave and full fees and gratuity will be charged.


It is the customer’s responsibility to call or contact us if they do not find their confirmation email within one to two hours of making the reservation. If one of our drivers are there waiting for the customer and there was no cancellation. Then the full fees will be charged regardless if they come with our company or go with another.


Cancellations made prior to twenty-four hours before the scheduled pick up time the customer will not be charged. A cancellation made within twenty-four hours or after scheduled pickup time is subject to a full fare and gratuity charges. All reservations require individual cancellation. For any changes or cancellations to pickups between 12:00 am and 5:00 am, please call before 10:00 pm, the night before your scheduled pickup, in order to avoid charges.

Weather Conditions

Our company is not liable in the event of any natural disasters such as thunderstorms, earthquake or any other natural disaster resulting in missed flights or cancellations while we provide you service. We are also not responsible for delays or the cancellation in service caused by winter weather or unsafe road conditions (i.e.roads not being salted, car accidents, or heavy traffic, etc). We do not take any responsibility for any loss due to service delays or cancellation due to mechanical breakdown, and we also do not provide any insurance for this, the customer has to purchase there own travel insurance for this. No claims against our company or its employees may be brought in this regard in court as we accept no liability in the above examples.

Damage Fees

The client assumes full financial liability for any damages to our vehicles caused during the duration of use by them or any members of their group. A fee of minimum $250.00 will be charged if the client makes any kind of mess including body fluids of humans or animals in our cars/SUV.


Alcohol consumption and drug use are prohibited by law. The driver will cancel or stop service at the time when any laws are being broken and will call the police. Also, full fees will be charged including gratuity. All cars will be loaded only to seating capacity.

Credit Card Charges

When a reservation is made online or over the phone it will automatically be noted as prepaid unless specifically stated by the customer. A twenty percent gratuity will be added automatically unless specifically stated by the customer. The customer agrees to have their credit card charged manually by the company through Square Reader unless specifically stated by the customer. The customer has until 11:59 pm the day the reservation is made to change the agreed payment method. Other payment arrangements can be made if the reservation has not been completed. Once the reservation is completed the payment is due in full. Amounts that are more than $300 will require photo id matching the credit card on file.

Car Seats and Boosters

Car seats and boosters are not guaranteed even when reserved beforehand as they are based on availability. Each car seat or booster can be provided at a cost of $10 per ride per car seat/booster. The car seats and booster are cleaned every day and as needed. Additionally the chauffeur are NOT IN ANY WAY RESPONSIBLE to buckle the car seat/booster to the car or the child into the car seat or booster. We are providing these items but hold no responsibility or liability in the use of the car seat or booster. The company can hold your personal car seats or booster until you return from your trip for a cost of $1 per day.

Photography and Video Surveillance

When a customer uses our services and gets into one of our vehicles or is on our premises then they are automatically voluntarily agreeing to audio and video surveillance. Request of security footage can only be made by a judge for review.


We do not offer refunds to customers that have not canceled their reservations and go with another company. We do not offer refunds to customers that fail to show up to the meeting location. We do not offer refunds to customers that have not canceled their reservations at least two hours to the scheduled pick up time or flight arrival. We require a minimum of a waiting charge if cancellation is less than two hours to the scheduled pick up time or flight arrival. Our drivers have taken the customers reservation and no other and it is unfair and unjust for them to be waiting and have no compensation for no-shows or late cancellations. We do not offer any adjustment for Uber pricing. Our company is different from Uber and so is our pricing. We do not compete with them for pricing adjustments.